For Sale: Renosterfontein Game Farm (951 hectares), located in Waterberg, an area in the Limpopo province in northern South Africa, near the border of Botswana. The Limpopo river is the border between South Africa and Bostwana and Zimbabwe.

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About the Game farm

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On Renosterfontein are many great and to find smaller exotic animals.
The largest tenant on the farm is the giraffe. We also welcome baboons, leopards, warthogs, goats and much more!

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In 2005 we, Monique en Hans Vestjens, bought Renosterfontein. Renosterfontein game farm, situated in the waterberg, 40km from Vaalwater, almost makes you forget there is another world; somewhere, far away maybe. But for now all there is around you is the African bush, you can see, smell and hear it but above all you can relax and enjoy it.

This is an experience to remember but in so many places already forgotten, staying in luxury rooms the magic touch of Africa is partly lost, it can be seen but not be felt. In this 1000 hectare malaria free game farm we try not to forget this, we want everyone to feel the magic of Africa, be able to explore it on their own and see the splendour of it.

We made a start with reintroducing game species which are endemic, we reintroduced eland, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe waterbuck and impala’s. This is something which we find very important because we want to restore the area to what it once was. We are planning to continue doing this in the near future.

Because of the wide variation in wildlife already present at the farm there is a lot to be seen, to much to see for a lifetime. We repaired 2 dams, and now have a total of three. These dams provide a habitat for many species of birds, reptiles and mammals. We find otter tracks at the first dam regularly and the weavers favour the trees in the water to make their nests in. There are 2 streams filling up the dams, but these streams stop running in the dry season, making the dams an important water source. There is also a spring , this provides us with the water we need, and there is a stream which runs in the dry season feeding the vlei.

It is a safe and nice area for walking, and you can explore freely, walking up the mountain you get spectacular views over the Waterberg because of the high altitude of the farm. This altitude makes the temperature very pleasant most of the year.

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